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While the Cook Islands may appear small in physical stature on the world map, remarkably, the Cook Island's 15 tiny Pacific islands are abundant in diverse experiences.  When visitors take a little time to explore everything that is on offer they will discover a destination overflowing with rewarding new adventures and activities. So immerse yourself and allow the Cook Islands to invigorate, challenge, educate and inspire you.

Spellbinding Activities
Beyond the obvious Cook Island attractions of snorkelling and diving amongst the myriad colourful marine life in our vivid turquoise lagoons - a spellbinding activity in itself that can easily absorb all of your days here if you wish it to - there are a host of other land and sea based experiences available to sample. From chartering your own game-fishing vessel for an exhilarating days expedition beyond the reef, to Island Discovery tours that showcase our culture and explore important heritage sites like our traditional marae, or meeting places – unique and sacred locations to the ancient Cook Island people.

Scenic Encounters
Take an exciting guided Safari Tour by four wheel drive to elevated vantage points around the island and view stunning panoramas out over the foothills to the distant ocean beyond. For a more sedate scenic encounter, join a like-minded group for a green-fingers tour of private tropical gardens in the company of an expert on the Cook Islands flora and fauna. Or for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, spend a morning with Pa, a traditional Cook Island medicinal healer as he imparts his knowledge on the life-giving properties of the Noni tree fruit and the curative properties of many other local plant species as he guides you on a bush walk you through the hidden valleys around his home.

Self-drive your own quad-bike, or jungle buggy, on thrilling Coconut Tour rides into the furthest accessible reaches of the island, or hop aboard a glass-bottom lagoon cruise for a days outing and a BBQ lunch on your own private island, then swim with the reef fish for your own close-up encounter with all that lives beneath the surface of these crystalline waters. For art and culture-lovers there are tours that will take you to personally meet prominent Cook Island artists in their studios, and visit the array of galleries representing their work. 

The choice of attractions is simply too numerous to list here.  For more information, and to see the full range of Cook Island tours and activities, click here. You can make your Rarotonga holiday activity bookings directly from those pages, or contact us to arrange everything for you. We also provide additional pages to help you to find Cook Island art galleries, souvenir retailers, and local museums.

Island Nights
And when it comes to the evening entertainment to round off all the days exciting experiences, there are a wealth of quality Cook Island restaurants, cafes, and bar and nightlife venues.  On offer in the Cook Islands is the finest local gourmet cuisine, blending a fusion of Pacific and international ingredients into exquisite dining experiences.  Partake of local and international cuisine, fine wines, and vibrant dance and music establishments whose doors remain open to party until late into the night. Cook Islanders themselves are renowned as generous and welcoming hosts, who place great importance in the act of hospitality, and they take great pleasure in entertaining guests to their country from all around the world, sharing with them all the incredible attractions that their islands possess.

The Cook Island “Island Night” cultural dance performances held at the various resort venues around the islands. These traditional concerts are a highlight for all visitors to the islands, with a night of sensuous dance, colourful costumes, rhythmic drumming and delightful string band accompaniment, often following an authentic umu kai feast made of local ingredients cooked in a specially prepared earth-oven.

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