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Kia Orana and a warm welcome to Tipani Tours website.

When I began the task of writing about who Tipani Tours are, I gave a lot of thought to what it was we wanted to tell you about ourselves, and our company. My first thought had been to follow on from what others do and remind you that…

But then I thought about all of the things we really wanted you to remember about us. I decided I didn’t just want to paint a picture of your Cook Islands visit, only acknowledging the excellence of our performance. Instead, we wanted to create for you a vision of the entire experience, and tell you a little about the people who are behind our company, providing you with an insight into the personality and faces of those who are responsible for making this journey to the Cook Islands something you would want to do again, as well as enthuse others to do. So that‘s what we’ve done here, and kept this page just as it should be…

“About Us”

Tipani Tours started its humble beginnings with a few rickety buses over 35 years ago and a gentleman going by the name of Malcolm MacQuarie. Malcolm had the idea that he wanted to help people find accommodation in Rarotonga, because back in those days there weren’t a lot of places for visitors to stay. At that time, the main tarsealed road, which today encircles our island, was only half completed. And forget about the internet, and the cell phone coverage we now have. Back then you had to wait in a queue, just to receive any kind of telephone service. But even so, Malcolm knew he wanted to leave a legacy that Tipani Tours would forever be known for providing the warmest Polynesian experience imaginable.

As Rarotonga grew, and tourism developed, Tipani Tours also blossomed, evolving and changing with the times. With each new owner, a new idea of what Tipani Tours could be was born.

Tipani Tours has grown and re-invented itself into what we are today, with a vision of where we want to be tomorrow. We seek to appeal to the discerning traveller, with a taste for unique experiences, and one who may want a touch of refined luxury mixed into their vacation. Someone who requires a relationship built on trust and confidence in the people who are helping them to plan their Cook Islands vacation.

Many of our staff members can trace their Polynesian ancestry back over one thousand years, so we are very knowledgeable at providing an insight into the Polynesian culture. Most of us have read history books that name tribes dating back to the year 1100AD and can say with pride that we are direct descendants of those people. In most cases our names have remained the same as our ancestral forefathers.

So from the moment you make contact with us, until long after you finally depart our shores we would like you to feel that you can get in touch with us at any time, confident we will remain available to you throughout every step of your vacation. Our goal is to provide you with the highest levels of personal assistance and knowledgeable advice to make sure that the time you spend with us in the Cook Islands is a treasured experience for you and that lasting friendships are made. 

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