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International phone and fax services, phone cards, mobile telephones, and wireless internet hotspots are provided by Bluesky Cook Islands.  In Rarotonga and Aitutaki internet is readily available for use at internet cafes and some accomodation providers.  Wireless Internet Hotspots are available in many locations including Bluesky Teleshops, many accomodation providers, some local shops and eateries, however you will need to purchase a Bluesky voucher to use these.  

Postal services are available at the  Rarotonga Post Office, open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, and Telepost located in the CITC Shopping Centre in Avarua.

Cook Islands television hosts locally produced and international content, and there are several AM and FM frequency radio stations offering a mix of music, talk and news. Sky Television is also available and most of the outer islands have satellite dishes to receive broadcasts.

The Cook Islands News newspaper provides daily information on local events, tides, weather and topical news (also available on their website), while the Cook Islands Herald is published weekly, and the New Zealand Herald is usually available on Rarotonga a day or so after it is published.

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