Electricity supplies on a number of the outer islands vary in availability and frequency
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On Rarotonga and Aitutaki electricity is provided continuously 24 hours a day at 240 volts AC Hz/50 cycle with plugs suitable for New Zealand. Visitors from North America, Europe and U.K. may need adaptor plugs to operate appliances such as hair dryers, laptops, etc. Electricity supplies on a number of the outer islands vary in availability and frequency, so it is recommended to check prior to departure as to what you can expect at each island location.

Until recently all the Cook Islands electricity was supplied from diesel generators but there have been a number of solar power installations added in the last few years.  Given our high number of sunshine hours and commitment to caring for our unique environment solar power is a welcome development here.

LPG is also commonly used for water heating and cooking in the Cook Islands.

Most of the quality resorts and accommodation providers have filtered tap water that is safe to drink. It is recommended that overseas visitors drink either filtered or bottled water, which is readily available from local shops. 

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