Manihikis majestic lagoon is one of the most beautiful in the Pacific, and has 40 motu tiny islands
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Manihiki is commonly referred to as the Pearl Capital of the Cook Islands, due to its sizeable production of cultured Black Pearls. The lucrative industry contributes an estimated 18 million dollars annually to the country’s economy. It is recommended that visitors to this island take a tour of one of the pearl farms, which includes snorkelling down to observe the oysters growing underwater. Harvesting occurs between the months of September and December, when actual pearls are likely to be seen.

Manihiki's majestic lagoon is one of the most beautiful in the Pacific, with 40 motu, tiny islands, dotted around its fringe and a number inside the perimeter, each with their own sandy beaches, making it an idyllic haven to relax in.

There are several Cook Island accommodation options on Manihiki, that include meals, but as with most islands in the northern group, amenities can be quite sparse with intermittent electricity and hot water. Air Rarotonga has a weekly scheduled flight, or the inter-island cargo ship has limited berths.

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