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From its pristine coral-sand beaches and sparkling azure waters, bold effervescent sunsets lighting the evening skies, and the gentle caress of trade winds brushing the palms that fringe its translucent lagoons, the Cook Islands embody everything you could ever imagine a ‘tropical paradise’ to be.

Add to that mix a little ‘Island Style’ charm from the local populace –some of the world’s friendliest, most hospitable people– and you have the makings of an unforgettable holiday in one of the world’s most romantic hideaways.

The fifteen individual islands that make up this tiny archipelago, scattered across some 2.2 million square kilometres of the South Pacific Ocean, offer an exceptional diversity of Polynesian culture and tantalising scenic beauty. They are divided into the Northern Group and Southern Group . There is limited tourism development in the northern group as these islands have infrequent access available . The Islands of the Southern Group have easy access through the capital of Rarotonga providing the mainstream of travellers the realization there truly is such a place as ‘paradise’, once you've discovered the magic of the Cook Islands you need look no further to find it.

Tipani Tours are available to help you make this journey of discovery , and to employ all our 35 years of experience in the Cook Islands to provide you with the very best in barefoot luxury Cook Island accommodation, remaining the top choice for visitors world-wide wishing to discover the laid-back enchantment of the Cook Islands for themselves.

Indulge yourself in Rarotonga, home to the main town of Avarua –the nation’s tiny capital, with its exquisite fine dining right at the water’s edge. Rarotonga is also your first stepping-stone to all the other islands in the Cook’s group.

Fall in love with Aitutaki, the most famous island in the group –internationally renown for its spectacular lagoon. Or escape to Atiu, whose mysteries lie deep in naturally formed limestone caves, just waiting to be explored.

There is a Cook Island accommodation option for everyone here, whether you’re looking for seclusion and romance, or tropical sun and action on the ocean. But the perfect vacation is about more than that. It’s also about the quality of service you receive. Tipani Tours understands that better than anyone, and we work to ensure your stay in the Cook Islands will be unparalleled in every single way. Just decide what paradise means to you, then allow Tipani Tours to deliver you to its gateway.

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