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This tiny remote atoll – though better known than most others in the group – is only accessible via the infrequent cargo vessels that bring supplies for the two atoll managers – the islands only resident population for half of the year. Otherwise, private cruising yachts are the only other way to visit Suwarrow. The island is the Cooks’ only national park and home to thousands of roosting seabirds, making it a nature lover’s paradise.

No evidence has been found to indicate the island had any pre-European permanent settlement, though voyagers did use it as a place to make camp. Described by the wife of the author Robert Louis Stevenson as “the most romantic island in the world” it received greatest attention through the writings of the New Zealand hermit Tom Neale who lived alone for several years on Suwarrow and penned his experience in An Island to Oneself.

The American writer Robert Dean Frisbie, along with his daughter Florence “Whiskey Johney” also wrote their accounts of surviving a terrifying cyclone on Suwarrow, in 1942, by lashing themselves to a coconut tree to avoid being swept away by the waves.

Curiously, the islands name stems from the Russian explorer Mikhail Lazarev bestowing it with the title after his ship, the Suvarov.

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