The Cook Islands year round warmth makes it an ideal destination at any time.
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Warm waters most of the year
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The Cook Islands year round warmth makes it an ideal destination at any time with only a slight variance in temperatures of between 22ºC and 29ºC throughout most of the year. The winter months of April to November are typically the drier period, with the wet, more humid, season coinciding with the summer months of December to March.

Dress for most times of the year is light, comfortable, informal clothing, with a light sweater for the cooler evenings. Brief attire is not acceptable when worn around in towns or villages, and topless or nude bathing is prohibited and will cause offence.

A respectable standard of dress is expected if you plan to attend church services.

Local custom also dictates that you wear a flower behind your ear when heading out for an evening on the town, with the simple rule that if you wear it on your right side you are married or spoken for, and on the left means you are single and might be looking for some romance.

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