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We are Tipani Tours, your guide to fully customised luxury Cook Island travel

Tipani Tours is committed to a special kind of traveller. A traveller who is seeking something extraordinary from his Rarotonga holiday experience. One who cherishes quality and style in the most exotic of locations. One who knows and appreciates the finer things in life, yet is open to new-found adventure, and the search for discovery.

Be it the romance of stepping onto a secluded atoll to exchange vows in a Rarotonga wedding ceremony in one of the most divine settings known to mankind. Enjoy the superior surroundings of our exclusive, hand picked luxury Cook Island accommodations. Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, pampered by skilled hands intent on offering complete well-being. Or simply escape to the peace of a tropical shoreline to bask in its pleasant warmth. The fifteen islands of the Cook Islands archipelago, centred at the heart of the Polynesian triangle, offer that traveller all these incredible experiences, and so much more.

So if this traveller is you, then Tipani Tours will your desires with our personal and knowledgeable service, creating a tailored Cook Island accommodation package that will exceed all your wishes. We also specialise in helping you to create unique, elegant Cook Island weddings in some of the most romantic settings throughout the Cook Islands, and we offer our promise that we will do everything to ensure your Cook Islands vacation will be a truly unforgettable experience.

3 islands, lush green mountains and tropical landscapes, 
beautiful beaches, native birds and colorful fishes,
culture and history... all in 13 days!

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